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AD2225 must be kidding:

Started another series. This time, Idolmaster Xenoglassia. One hell of a hard to spell name. Not quite as bad as Utablabla, but close. (I still can’t spell that one, and honestly I’m not sure I got this one right..)

Look, it’s not hard… You know how they say “So-and-so are xeno-phobic”? Say aloud: “Xenophobia”. Now, this is Xeno-glossia. It means that Haruka speaks foreign languages (she does not really, at least not in the first 8 episodes, but there it is; they probably meant that she talks to the Imbel’s core, which is an alien consciousness).

As for Utawarerumono, it’s not hard either. Mono is mono, like in tatemono, bakemono, kudamono. Uta comes from utau, to sing. The -reru is their passive, “was sung”, which applies to negative stem. You take utawanai, delete nai, slap reru on it, and get “sung thing”: utawa-reru-mono. Nee?

Now, say “baku-basu-gasu-hatsu” 50 times.

I’ll have to admit I’m lazy. Letters form words, if you do things properly. I’m not used to reading Japanese. Sometimes I’ll take the letters and instead of treating them individually I’ll keep them as a picture, all together. When I read it, I don’t see “Utawarerumono” as a word, I see it as an image associated with something like a picture of Hakuoro or that silly pet thing that pops up later on in the series.

Then I come back and have to go the other way. I need to use a word to describe the image in my head. But I’m bad with names. Notoriously. There are people I’ve been with school for a year+ with and they’re still “hey you”. Getting slightly off track there. I take the look at what I can remember of the first image. Uta. That’s not that hard to remember. What was the rest of it again? It seemed rather long. A bit like a lot of text. Bla bla. That’ll do. Utablabla.

Most people will still get what I’m talking about. Ani-nouto did right? It’s all fine and dandy if you know how the word is constructed and can attach a meaning to it. But for abstract meanings, that’s what symbolism’s for isn’t it? We have got prefrontal lobe’s for a reason. I’m a bit lazy and I take a short cut. (It doesn’t help that most series don’t actually say their name in it. Infinite Ryvius did. I can spell that too.) I either have to take special care, or just “make do” so that people understand.

If this was an essay for school I’d take care. It’s not. This is about communucation. I’ll communicate. I’ll use symbols or similies or crazy metaphors about the moon and cheese if I have to.

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