Sharing Anime

Anime to be honest, is quite a big chunk of my life. I can spend several hours a day just kicking back and watching the stuff. (Unfortunately instead of doing more productive things like school work.) The catch is, I don’t really tell anyone about this. It’s sort of like my hidden pleasure.


It’s such a big part of me at the moment. Not measured in percents buy in perdecs. (That’s parts of 10, not 100.) Still, outside of online, I don’t have much outlet for anime related discussion. Which is why it’s always nice when I get the chance to rope someone in to watching some with me.


Which is what I did yesterday. I got one of my friends down and said let’s watch an episode of anime. He asked for something mainstream, I thought about what I had and that pretty much limits me to Bleach right there. Which, some people may complain, but it’s not all that bad.


I have never seen anyone so stone faced while watching anything. Ever. Now to be fair the guy had been awake about 13 hours at this point, hadn’t eaten in about 9 hours, and was eating voraciously while watching. Still, no laughing at any of the little jokes, nada, zip, zero.


That same episode had me hooked on anime. To me, this is proof, more than anything, that anime is an acquired taste for most people. So for now, I’ll probably keep on watching my anime myself, and save things like computers for discussion with the mates.

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