El Hazard: The Wanderers II

So El Hazard: The Wanderers. This is a bit silly coming as a double post right in a row, but I’m a day behind (several from watching) and I really did watch it over two days, so it goes in two posts. (But read the other one first!)


A few oddities to start off with. The middle finger. I know what showing that to someone (ala flipping them off) means here. To be honest though, I have no idea what that means in Japan, but I caught two separate characters on more than one occasion using it to”point.” But it could also have been being used how I would use it. So I’m confused there, something to keep in mind.


It was also a bit odd how they were traveling in a group. Some walking, some riding, all going the same speed. A rather fast pace for walking. Oh well. Not as bad as everyone always still wearing their earth outfits. Either they’re making new ones or clothes of the time are a lot more durable than they are now. Or my pants are all just really cheap.


I mentioned Jinnai had the power to talk to the Bugrom. It’s been further explained that Nanami also has this same power. She even goes about charming them for a bit. Fujisawa-sensei also has his super strength. This time though it was only linked to drinking. Not to drinking and smoking. But more Makoto. His power was getting along with the ancient technology.


In fact it was almost the entire base premise of the OVA. This time it’s practically dropped off of the face of the planet. It’s barely acknowledged about three times the entire length of the series. Instead Makoto is a science boy rather smart and all that rot, but it’s not the same. The power is still there it’s just ignored. I find it a bit of a missed opportunity.


The story was starting to fall apart for a while too. There was an episode with background on the priestesses of fire and wind. I’m just not sure how this happened to link to anything else. It also felt like for a while that at every opportunity the princess would pop up with a bird in her hand. We get the idea already.


There were some highlights too. “You can worship me with no struggles.” Then Nanami reaches through the bars and starts strangling Jinnai. “I’m struggling.” That one struck me as particularly funny when I saw it. It was pretty funny with Nanami and Jinnai translating too. Some new interactions different than those in the OVA.


While that was going on the story focussed on Jinnai and the Bugrom for a bit. It was sort of a two part story going into that. I thought it might have been a lead up to the mid, but it was around when the OP and mid break changed. (The ED never changed.) But it got me wondering if the series would end with some sort of stable stalemate equilibrium. It did. Sort of.


Because what happened was the Princess was kidnapped. (Mario! Save peach!) I thought this would be a precursor to the main action, but it was indeed the main action. Spent the most god-awful long time trying to save her and finally managed to get her home. Lost her for a bit on a giant kite. Go figure.


So Makoto’s super powerful friends help out and all’s well. Except for God’s Eye coming after them. Go figure, I guess they needed to bring it back. I guess everything starts to get old by the end. This time around Ifurita wasn’t the sacrifice, but instead Makoto was. He promises to return.


For a while I thought he really did bite the dust. No such like. But I was sure if that he was coming back he’d be older. Surely you can’t work out dimensional (this does include time usually) transfer in a few days. Well (apparently) genius Makoto can. The biggest thing that ticked me off here was that the story was no longer circular. As far as I’m concerned that was the best bit about the OVA.


I probably won’t watch this again, but I did see something interesting. At one point Jinnai in a flashback had a Tenchi Muyo! manga. I guess the good stuff is always win.

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