Death Note I

I am note looking forward to writing this entry. Death Note, at least the first bit of it. I was thinking “Will it live up to the hype?” So far, it has. Immediately there’s a visually impressive introduction with the world of the death gods and then it just goes on. Because even more than that suddenly Light is in some deep shit finding the book and killing off a guy or two.


Which it then gets worse. Or rather, next comes one of my favorite bits so far. Light starts really going at it, killing off loads of people. While he’s doing this it gets rather intense, the music, multiple cameras focusing on the notebook while writing. I really liked that effect. It’s like that when he’s convincing people he’s not Kira too.


They’re also not afraid of blood here. There’s blood everywhere really quite frequently. Specifically getting hit by a car one time was extraordinarily bloody. I mean damn.


If we switch to characters for a bit, it seems like Light is the protagonist. Until L was brought out, I really couldn’t imagine what the antagonist was going to be like. It gets even better with seeing in their heads. But really, I feel a bit strange calling them protagonist and antagonist. It feels wrong to sort of classify them like that. (I associate “good” with “protagonist”. This is much more grey.) I’m also wondering if there’s going to be a female lead, no sign yet.


Of course the plot thickens with Light’s father being a high ranking member of the police. Of course. He gets the inside information and so the FBI starts to investigate. So he kills them off. Of course. This time though, I really liked the FBI guy. I was also thinking that it may have been going a bit far. In movies and whatnot the FBI tends to get pissed off if you kill one of them.


No, that’s not good enough, he goes and kills all of them. Holy moly. I thought there’d be more of a reaction there. But there is one. The FBI guy’s wife. He really made things worse there. Just piling on more shit. So he goes to kill her. Just in time he figures out her name and kills her with directions to commit suicide in such a way that her body won’t be found for a maximum period of time. I wonder when it will be found?

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