Happiness! I

Having just watched a bit of a more disturbing series and having a pressing need to go to sleep, and not being able to do so because of said disturbing series, I decided something light and fluffy and funny was in order. So I started Happiness! Wasn’t really sure about this one and the ratings I’ve seen weren’t so great, but I was desperate and it was what I had so it was what I watched.


Immediately one thing pissed me off. Waving the staff around before doing magic, complete with special music and background. Argh. Also, how do the staffs just magically (groan) stick to their backs? But really, for something listed as a comedy not feeling very funny. In fact, it’s feeling more like a genuine romance than something with incidental comedy.


A good joke or two though. I don’t know if I’ll ever tire for fresh ingredients for cooking being alive in the refrigerator. (I am scared of _cooked_ stuff being alive. And green.)  Jun, for some odd reason, also makes a rather good girl. Or it’s really clever of him. 50/50. Haruhi is seeming a bit over sensitive sometimes. (How’s that for something random tossed in.)


Finally the staffs talk. It really reminds me of Nanoha. A lot.


Also, there’s this mystery woman floating around with an umbrella. I wonder what part she’s going to play…

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