Death Note II

Continuing with the madness that is Death note. It’s been a while since I’ve watched this next bit and I’m still not sure how to organize my thoughts on it. I’d have to say the highlight here really has been watching L and Light dodge around each other. I’ve been especially liking the visualization with them on roof tops. (Going all red and blue up there.)


Some of the luck hasn’t hurt either. I’d say Light had a bit of luck with his father having a heart attack from stress. I can’t say if it’s good or bad, but it certainly helped to keep the ball rolling. Then of course the drama only increases as Misa is arrested. I have to say that pissed me off a bit, how she was locked up like that.


Being a copycat like she was, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. It almost always happens with serial killers. It’s just she’s wow a she. And so wow. I don’t really know how to describe her. I was wondering about a female lead though. Found her.


It was rather clever for Light to go and lock himself up though. The whole setup with being in prison and all that. Such a long plan. For a while there I thought the plot shift was going to be permanent, it was that long of a plan. I figured along the lines of that well, it is called “Death Note,” as long as someone’s killing someone it’s on topic.


I was naive. He gets it back. Big time. Not without doing a 180 though. It turns out more like a break, so that all the things that were old seem new. Like being all intense, with the camera shaking. L does it once, and fails, and it happens a few more times as well. None of them were as good as the times it was used while writing names.


This break too was also things lightening up for a bit. There was some comedy in here. Like Watari being an expert sniper. The whole police chase there really cracked me up. “Light Knight” as well. It was good. And then it sours. L dies. What will happen now? L makes this series.


As a side note and almost entirely unrelated, I’ve never been in an especially large commercial city, but are there really giant TVs with sound? I can picture the TV, but sound too…? It seems like it would be rather distracting to residents.

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