Happiness! II

Continuing with Happiness! as an anti-depressant. There was a cool summoned water thing. That appears only once, but looks awesome. All in all the series continued with more fluffy non-sense (Banzai!) and then made a sharp left turn and then ended. Pretty normal.


Most of it revolved around Ibuki, the umbrella girl. Ibuki’s servants crying over not being to make her happy. (Not sure what was going on there.) But then there’s bowling to kill that makes up for it. Little dark hints sprinkled in for good measure.


Then also obligatory beach episode. Complete with obligatory fear trial. And dark hints. Ibuki trying to pull something, if we’re being specific. Slightly later there’s the left turn I mentioned and Ibuki kidnaps a few people, and actually ticks me off by doing other assorted mean things.


Sumomo looks like she’s dead. Oops. Then of course we’re kept hanging, while Sumomo may or may not be dead while we’re brought up to speed with what’s going on. AKA, a history episode. Yuma has loads of power. Go figure.


Really, if I’m perfectly honest, this series did not leave a lot of an impression. I’m not sure what really went on and we still don’t know what’s really going on with Haruhi being an advanced magician. This may be because I was watching the series during a more depressing, traumatic one, but really. It just did not stand out. A bit of fluffy happiness (drum kit ba-dom-tss) but just not much happening worth mentioning.

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