Death Note III

Well I had been wondering what was going to happen, and there were two new people for Light to match wits with. Mello and N. Now, I have to say, they were not nearly as fun as L. Same sort of eclectic personalities, but just not the same. The magic really comes from Light and L, not Light just beating the crap out of anyone.


Was also interesting to bring the old girlfriend. Had a bit of a cat fight there. I guess almost every anime winds up with something like this. I found myself a bit sad with Light fooling his father on the death bed. Really though, I figured out the style of the series from these two things. The shit just keeps getting thicker.


The entire drama is based on the fact that almost nothing is resolved. Cliff hanger is built upon cliff hanger and it just keeps going. There aren’t a lot of series that manage to do this successfully so it seems new and original, and for the most part it is, because every series that does it does it with a different plot. Along with them being so few and far between, well, there you go.


Time scale. 6 years. That’s a long time. I had no idea it was going to take so long for a while. The time really flies when you’re having fun, or are under a lot of suspense. Minor detail: does the note book ever run out of pages? Light keeps tearing them out and writing in them left and right. Magic, I suppose.


Right, time for the ending. This has been pulling at me and bothering me quite a bit. N and Mello together create a team that surpasses L. Light beat L but they beat Light. If I had to say though there were two things L did wrong. At the very beginning reacting to the unannounced statement of the police that Kira was a student. As a result of that (a bit later on though) passing on the note book. That was the weak link in the chain.


Light really looses it though. After a whole, whole lot of stress, he finally looses it. Figuratively and literally. So close. Light was so close. That’s what really, really, really bothers me. I sort of think that Light should have gotten away with it. A dark ending to a dark series. He put so much work in. He was the protagonist. It just doesn’t seem fair.


To me him getting away with it isn’t a question of morals. It’s a question of story balance. The poor guy just got trapped in the Kira way of thinking. I think if Light had been successful and Kira had become a god, it would still have bothered me just as much. Trying to work out the good/bad of it is impossible for me.


The very end. Light lying in the light on the stairs as Ryuk writes his name down. He dies and L comes to collect him. A sort of understanding between two of the greatest minds. Or something. Maybe a silent apology. A haunting. It was a great scene anyway you interpret it.


I wonder though about the last scene with Misa. To me it sort of looks like that’s her going to commit suicide. Heart broken and shattered. Maybe just shattered and walking around in a daze. It really is a wrenching ending, and the aftermath in the world there must be terrific.


Quite a good series to watch, but maybe the tiniest bit too heavy to marathon. Maybe it’ll be a bit better the second time through. Probably some interesting details I missed at least.

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