Night Wizard

So NightWizard. I decided to watch it without remembering any series description. The first impression I had was a cross between “awesome” and “lol” because of this deep movie announcer sort of voice reading off the history. Just struck me as particularly funny.


Moving right along there was fighting right away. Fighting at the very start is always a good sign. That and there was a floating castle, princess, flying car, and a fun trap. “Reply with yes or hai.” That turned into a signature line it did. It also started to get a bit old.


Another immediate impression an episode or two in. That this could be bad with Oji-sama. Mysterious benefactors are always mysterious for a reason. Usually a bad one that has some sort of negative impact on the plot.


It was mildly amusing that chemistry came in handy. The space rabbits however were awesome. Remind me a bit of the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Someone’s got a sense of humor, somewhere. When Kirihito-kun saves Elis you get the feeling there’s something a bit special about the both of them.


Then we meet Nightmare. He is a character. I haven’t come across one of them lately, so it’s good to have done so. One of those really funny and amusing guys. Much more fun than Anzelotte. More fun than the castle sitting on a giant spaceship, or the random fact that guys in the castle wear masks while girls don’t.


I was thinking to myself that the jewels were getting collected rather quickly. Whenever that happens you know there’s going to be more to it than that. Which there was. All these dark hints, like not going up the stairs, were right. My bad feeling about Oji-sama was right.


So then we wind up with something that consistently bothers me. Treating people as inhuman objects. Poor Elis. Good thing Hiiragi sticks by her. Except breaking up the team is what the goal was, and then it gets really dragged out here. But justice prevails, everyone lives, and the bracelet is destroyed. Elis watches from the sidelines and the Wizards and Emulators go back to slugging it out in peace.


The main action was about Shaimaryl. I didn’t see that coming. All in all a pretty good watch. Not really outstanding but it wasn’t terrible either. It was helped along a bit with a particularly haunting ED.

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