The bitter truth of anime endings.

I finished watching the Druaga no To anime today and was once again reminded of the bitter truth of anime endings. A good anime’s ending will plunge you into despair. How can that be? Has anyone ever been truly satisfied by the ending of their favorite series? These are questions that are had to answer. I’m not sure if I can really explain what I mean here. By all standard definitions, and yes, my own, Druaga no To had a happy ending. Then why do I despair? Zetsubou! This happens to me with any story I enjoy. Maybe it’s the type of stories I like. A huge obstacle was overcome this time, as in most series

Let’s step back the 10 or 20 minutes in my thought process before I wasted all that time clearing out spam. What really brought all this on was the 2 minute epilouge sequence at the end of the show. That’s the real issue I think. This time around it was specifically seeing Neeba and (the?) Succubus in chibi form in a tree. Why did the producer/director/whoever show us that? Another hard to answer question. I love to know what happens to characters. I enjoy the story, and I want it to continue. But that’s impossible.

The story is over and us the viewer is confronted, once again, by that bitter truth. Life, in even the anime realm, is average. There is no story to Neeba and the Succubus sitting in that tree. The story has ended, and even the kingdom of Uruk is back to it’s everyday reality. Kaaya escaping to visit Jil is the standard. At the end of a series we’re shown how things are, and our perceptions are altered.

As a watcher, I know deep down that the only reason there’s a story worth telling is that it’s not average. Yet at the very end of a series to be reminded, to be forced to ask the question of how did this happen, how did so and so survive, why is that person even alive and to know that I’ll never know is wrenching. It really drives me nuts that I will never know. Yes, I can imagine it, but that’s not the same as being told. If all of us were blessed with amazing imaginations, we wouldn’t have anime to begin with.

This is not to say that I only soak up content. I don’t just swallow quietly what I’m told. I do have an imagination, and other people do see the result of it, but let’s face it. I’m not a brilliant author. (Thank god I do other things than blog! No, I won’t tell you.) An anime is often about seeing someone else’s view of some sort of spectacular event and relating to it. There are many ways that the story is conveyed, but at the end of it, life in these other worlds does return to normal. And it’s not interesting.

I should note that this probably excludes slice of life type animes for the most part. That’s something else.

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