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The watchings of yesterday, 07/07/26.

Started off with an episode of Boys Be yesterday, because I’ve got an incredibly long list of shows I’m in the middle of. The episode was nothing special, but it wasn’t horrible either. Just sort of helped pass the time. I will note I wasn’t terribly excited to watch it.

But, because I have terrible commitment when it comes to stuff that doesn’t matter really, like watching anime, I started watching another series. Oops. At this point, I’m getting really bad about this, but trying to control it is just… it just feels stupid. I mean, it’s my free time isn’t it? Let’s have some fun.

Anyway, the series I started was Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars. I wouldn’t quite say I’ve been enjoying it immensely, but it’s been close. It just has a few endearing features, like the crazy main character that talks to the screen, but isn’t really aware that’s what he’s doing. He’s amazing though, just takes everything in stride, sort of like nothing surprises him, and oddly enough it’s amusing.

I do have a bit of a pet peeve, but it’s not people flying in space unprotected after taking a single jump. (Which is impressive.) It’s just that some aliens, for all their advanced technology, are stupid. Really stupid. Maybe they’ll get smarter, but it’s amusing at least. At least how the last episode or two is recapped doesn’t bother me at all, it’s done well as part of the action and I think the main dude learns from it.

I think by far the best bit about Shingu is that it’s a show that sets its own pace. There’s no rush to solve any great big mystery and there’s no great big mystery about any of the characters really. It just sets its pace and while you watch it you go with it. You’re forced to go with the flow, but it isn’t bothersome at all, it’s quite interesting in fact.

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