Resumed Honey and Clover

The watchings of yesterday, 07/08/31.

Filled up some spare time yesterday by continuing with Honey and Clover. Another continuing series, but at least this time, the context of where I left off is virtually irrelevant. It seems like every episode is two half stories, a bit sweet, a bit sour, sort of like the title.

Personally I’m not yet tired of all the mirrors and parallels drawn between the characters. Different circles of relationships and repeating history and, it’s really quite layered. Even the insane amount of crying that takes place doesn’t bug me too much. Other bits (like Twister) just have me laughing too hard.

Time’s passing pretty fast and everyone is growing slowly and surely, it’s done really well. Also background music isn’t really background, but music played in tandem with images to work together, again done very well. What I’m wondering about now is why the title screen colors alternate between positive and negative black and white.

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