El Hazard: The Wanderers I

December 29th, 2007

For a bit of compare & contrast (as well as pure boredom) I decided to watch El Hazard: The Wanders and see if it lived up to the “alternate retelling” label on ANN and to what extent. So far, let’s just say it’s been interesting.


Characters. Jinnai is still delusional. Really delusional. Possibly worse than before.  He still understands the Bugrom though. There’s also no sign of the one princess. The little one. Fatora. She’s gone out the window. The big one, Rune, takes on much more of a role, and seems to have changed a bit. No sign of the fun cat armor either for ages either. I liked him, was worried he wouldn’t come back.


For the longest time, no sign of Ifurita. Her previous role as Makoto’s love interest seems to have been replaced by Rune. She’s younger and not cold. Everything that made her her has made her someone else now. The priestesses are all pretty similar as near as I can work out too. Nanami’s still there this time around, and she’s the same too. A lot of close encounters with her.


Which really, comes from substantially reworking the plot. For now it’s more or less about getting home, and they’re off wandering around to work out how that can be done. Meeting all the characters in rather different ways this time, specifically those priestesses. The catalyst for that last time just isn’t present this time.


The thing so far that bugs me most about the plot change is how they got to El Hazard. Makoto just sort of got lucky and created a device that randomly wound up doing a dimensional transfer. I just can’t swallow that. You may think it odd that I can believe in super technology thousands of years old showing up and taking charge, but really, that wasn’t random.

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